Hanoi, Vietnam is becoming the leading destination in Southeast Asia for investors looking for an ideal place to do business or relax, entertain, shop and enjoy life with their family. family. With so many different opportunities for the spirit of adventure, it is also a great time to look for properties in the city that you can call home.

These are the top five popular rental properties across the country that you should check out.

Normal apartment for rent

How does an apartment differ from a home and a serviced apartment? An apartment by its most basic definition is a rented living space in a residential building to distinguish it from condominium. A normal apartment may have one or more rooms, ideal for an individual or a family. There may be several apartment units in a residential area, but each apartment is self-contained and may be owned or leased. An apartment should have all the basic rooms a person will need such as a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, but there are other types of apartments that include other features and amenities. A studio apartment, for example, is ideal for one person as it only has one room with dining, living and bedroom functions with a small bathroom and kitchen. A garden apartment is usually surrounded by landscaped areas similar to a townhouse, while an attic apartment consists of several units located in a multi-story building. The definition may seem dull with other types of apartments nowadays, but most apartment units by studio unit definition are ideal only for a small family or an individual.

Service apartment

A serviced apartment is a type of luxury rental property that includes all the basic amenities of a normal apartment, but there are other services provided by the landlord. This means that serviced apartments include scheduled cleaning, repair, maid services and other perks you might normally find at the hotel. This type of apartment is ideal for those who want to get something extra from the deal, plus better space, utilities, privacy, and a longer stay. The idea of ​​a serviced apartment is to provide the best luxurious space to make the tenant feel like home, but unlike in a hotel, you can still prepare your own meals and enjoy the time you follow. the way you want without having to pay for the facilities, because the lease includes the entire package. However, like most apartments, a serviced apartment not only has a private space but also a common space for all occupants.

Adjacent or Row / Street houses

An isolated house is an independent structure unlike a regular family-owned house with private yard, parking area and garden. The detached house can also be a single-storey or multi-storey structure with other facilities such as swimming pool, fence fence, driveway and garage. This is different from a restaurant or townhouse built in tandem with other units. Restaurants can be a multi-storey complex similar to an apartment, but they usually have more floor space and the lowest floors can be occupied by offices and shops. A block of houses may be similar to an apartment building, but the latter often has a common area and a building that includes stairs, elevators and walkways for everyone. Unlike houses, the apartments are also furnished by homeowners and appliances, ideal for foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam for a short time. Like villas, rentals are designed for long-term vacations and for families who need bigger space to work and study. How do you choose between an apartment and a rental? Previously recommended for one or two people, but bigger and better housing for families on a budget. Houses are also much cheaper than villas in Vietnam, although it is harder to find rental houses than apartments and villas in general.

Room for rent

For renting rooms smaller than apartments and houses, because the unit includes only one room similar to a studio apartment. Like any residential space for rent, renting a room doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy basic utilities like water, electricity, privacy and parking. But you should also find suitable air conditioning and heat, internet connection, storage and common areas. Renting a room may be more practical for single individuals than for a studio apartment, because it used to be more affordable in the past. It is also a perfect option for students and those who want to share rent with maids if they have a tight budget. Look for rooms near schools and commercial buildings, though you may have to pay more for rent because of its prime location.

City villa

A city villa is similar to an apartment or a detached house, but its amenities and amenities are often of a higher standard. A key difference of city villas compared to other types of rental properties is the surrounding garden, the pool and access to other features you often see in hotels. A villa also includes a garage or parking lot, several rooms, fully equipped kitchen and dining area, large living area, entertainment system, swimming pool and / or jacuzzi. , and access to common areas such as swimming pool, gaming ground, golf course, beach, gym, and others. Some villas in the city also offer staff and internal services for a truly luxurious experience. When searching for a villa, consider the location and the nearest commercial areas, features included in the contract, layout and size of the unit.