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In Ba Dinh area, Hanoi, there are many apartments for rent from medium to high-end apartments.

1. Artex Building
Artex Building is an 18-storey mixed-use project comprising commercial services, offices and residential apartments. The project is located at 172 Ngoc Khanh, Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh District with a total floor area of ​​31,589 m2. Artex Building apartment is subdivision: From the 6th floor to the 18th floor are luxury apartments for sale with a total floor area of ​​15,696 m2; From floors 1 to 5 are offices for lease and commercial centers with a floor area of ​​up to 13,347 m2. The apartments at Artex Building apartment are modernly designed with different types of area to meet the diverse needs of customers.

2. Apartments 15 – 17 Ngoc Khanh
Apartments 15 – 17 Ngoc Khanh is a complex project of luxury apartments, commercial centers and other public services. The project is planned on an area of ​​17,966m2 including 3 high-rise buildings with a total investment of VND 190 billion. Apartments here have a variety of flexible areas with the goal of serving the diverse needs of customers. Each apartment consists of a living room, common room, kitchen, dining room with large area, the spaces are exposed to plenty of natural light and the vents are large enough to cover make space for green areas and make a place to dry and wash clothes.

3. Apartment building in Ba Dinh district: Vinhomes Metropolis
Vinhomes Metropolis is located at 29 Lieu Giai, on the two central streets of the capital, Kim Ma & Lieu Giai, right in the middle of the diplomatic diplomatic center, adjacent to the administrative, political, economic center … of Capital. As the first project connected to the urban railway: Railway Station S9 with railway No. 2 on Kim Ma Street and Line 5 on Lieu Giai Street.

4. The Golden Armor
The Golden Armor apartment is located right on Nam Cao street, only about 200m from Giang Vo street, this place is the center of office buildings, administrative agencies, diplomacy with surrounding greenery. The lake is extremely fresh and the system of high-class utilities and services promises to bring prosperous life to its owners.

5. D2 Giang Vo Apartment
D2 Giang Vo apartment building is planned on the scale of a high-class apartment complex, commercial center and office space. This is an apartment project with synchronous investment in technical infrastructure as well as social infrastructure. Bring a new level of life to the residents here.

6. Grandeur Palace Giang Vo
Possessing a rare position at 138B Giang Vo, Grandeur Palace is a mixed-use and housing project invested in BT form – a contract of construction and transfer between the Ministry of Health and Van Investment One Member Limited Company Phú – Giang Võ (belonging to Văn Phú Invest).

7. Hanoi Aqua Central Apartment Complex
Hanoi Aqua Central is a 21-floor complex project of hotels, luxury apartments and shopping centers. The project is invested by Hanoi Water Tower Joint Stock Company with a scale of 6,800 m2 including 238 apartments and 138 hotel rooms. Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hanoi Aqua Central recreates the nostalgia of an old Hanoi and the lifestyle of Trang An people.

8. HD Mon Central
Mon Central is located at 29 Lang Ha, Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, between the densely populated area and the office. This is a rare project licensed to build at this time in Ba Dinh district. With a central location, the golden coordinates right on Lang Ha Street, Mon Central inherits a dense system of utilities of Ba Dinh District and Hanoi Capital. Combined with luxurious and modern architecture, Mon Central is becoming the most livable place in the heart of Hanoi capital!

9. Hoa Binh Green Apartment
Inspired by the natural green color, the architects designed the high-class apartment of Hoa Binh Green Apartment with the theme “Friendly house” to bring an ideal living space in the heart of Hanoi. . The project consists of 155 apartments with areas from 70 m2 to 124 m2. The project was completed and handed over to customers in August 2011.

10. Lancaster Nui Truc
Lancaster Nui Truc apartment is invested by Trung Thuy Group Joint Stock Company. The project is built based on the goal to meet the needs of luxury housing, office space and commercial centers for residents of Ba Dinh district in particular and residents of the Capital in general. The project is built with a scale of 2 buildings with a height of 27 floors with standard utilities including: shopping center, kindergarten, 5-star swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant, health center, area. community activities ….

11. Lieu Giai Tower
Lieu Giai Apartment (Formerly known as SDU-26 Lieu Giai) is a class A office complex, commercial center and luxury apartments located in the center of Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. Invested by Song Da Urban Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, the project is built on a land area of ​​2,616 m2 with 27 floors and 3 basements. From floors 1-3 is the commercial center, shopping for entertainment needs, consumption, floors 4-6 are offices for rent and from the 11th floor is luxury apartments. Lieu Giai Tower will be a high-class choice for customers who want to find a worthy apartment.

12. Truc Square mountain
Nui Truc Square apartment is a convergence of life values ​​in the heart of the civilized capital. The investor of Hop Thanh Commercial and Service Cooperative has chosen the apartment location that brings the most elements of the capital such as a synchronous infrastructure system, high population, and centralized administrative agencies. nursery, school, hospital …

13. C1 Successful
C1 Thanh Cong Apartment Project is located at C1 Thanh Cong Area, Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. The investor of Transport Construction Corporation No. 1 – Cienco1 attaches great importance to luxurious and modern design, which is located in a convenient position in both traffic and community connection.

14. BRG Grand Plaza
BRG Grand Plaza is one of the projects that owns the gold position in the heart of the city of BRG Group. Oriented to become a high-class apartment complex, combining office area to bring a classy living space to customers.

15. C7 Giang Vo
C7 Giang Vo Apartment is the best solution for those who are looking for apartments near schools, because this is the only project with up to 5 large schools surrounding the system from elementary school to university. Not to mention, C7 Giang Vo is located in the heart of Ba Dinh district, on Tran Huy Lieu street – one of the arterial roads of Hanoi. Therefore, C7 apartment is a high-value project not only for families with children who are attending school, but also an opportunity to own apartments with great potential development in the future. .

16. Ba Dinh Apartment: Platinum Residences
Platinum Residences is planned on a golden land with an area of ​​3,228m2 located at 6 Nguyen Cong Hoan, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City. Platinum Residences has the scale of a complex of high-class apartment buildings, offices with a height of 21 floors with a total floor area of ​​about 36,189 m2.