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The apartment rental market in 2019 has slight fluctuations and there is a clear difference in the market in Hanoi. In Hanoi, the price of apartments for rent is showing signs of increase. The common premises also show that real estate rental demand tends to grow in 2019.

1. The demand for apartment building is on the rise.
Currently, the rent of apartments is at a medium level and not too high, in which the living space in the apartments is much more advanced than the room with many utilities. These are the main reasons why the demand for apartment rental is constantly increasing, especially in big populous cities like Hanoi.

In 2019, when the land fund is increasingly scarce, housing prices are pushed up skyrocketing, leading to the narrowing of private housing ownership opportunities for people, the apartments for rent are potential markets that many investors. pay attention to.

We can see clearly in the first months of 2019 searches for apartments in Hanoi increased significantly, in which the demand for apartments in the area increased to 80%.

In which, in the market of apartments for rent in Hanoi in January, Cau Giay district is the leading area in search of apartments for rent, then in February, the demand for renting is most concentrated in Ha Dong district. Ha Dong is also one of the three districts with the most fluctuations in rental demand with an increase of 19% in February, after Hoang Mai (up 38%) and Long Bien (up 24%).

2. The fluctuation of apartment rent in Hanoi

Although Hanoi is a potential market of the apartment rental segment, the actual development in this market has a difference in prices, in which the apartment rent in Hanoi is constantly increasing.

We can see clearly in the current market conditions, the rent of apartments in Hanoi districts slightly increased the price from 5% to 10%, of which in Ba Dinh District, the apartment rental price increased the most up to 19%, in which the high rise in apartment rents came mainly from new projects being handed over in the area, including high-end real estate projects. Therefore, Cau Giay is also the district with the highest apartment rental price in the first quarter of 2019. The two districts also recorded strong fluctuations in apartment rents: Hai Ba Trung (up 12%) and Tay Ho (up 10 %).

Although the apartment rental market in big cities is assessed as having great potential and room for development, especially in the current crowded land, immigrant population is increasing and some Young families also tend to move from buying to renting houses. However, in order to turn the apartment segment into a potential investment segment, the investor needs a scientific real estate project management solution.