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Apartments in Hoan Kiem District have a prime location in the heart of Hanoi city, next to the historic spiritual capital of the capital. At present, there are almost no high-end apartment projects in Hoan Kiem district. Let me summarize the leading luxury apartment projects in Hoan Kiem district through the article below!

Apartment building in Hoan Kiem district: Vincom Ba Trieu
Vincom Ba Trieu project is located at 191 Ba Trieu which is the most modern complex of apartment buildings, offices, commercial centers and luxury apartments in the capital. Vincom Ba Trieu Apartment has a total area of ​​up to 42,000m2 with apartments located on the 8th to 25th floors of Tower C including 208 luxuriously designed and classy apartments.

Apartment building in Hoan Kiem district: D ’. San Raffles – Hang Bai
D ’. San Raffles – Hang Bai is located at 22 – 24 Hang Bai, 25-27 Hai Ba Trung. is the most luxurious commercial center and apartment project ever, designed in neoclassical architectural style. the sculptural details are sculpted with sophisticated stone, reliefs are plated with dragon gold. This is really a project only for successful people in society.

Apartment in Hoan Kiem district: Hoang Thanh Tower
Hoang Thanh Tower is located at 114 Mai Hac De, at the intersection of three main roads: Mai Hac De, Thai Phien and Doan Tran Nghiep. The project consists of 19 floors including high-class offices, shopping centers and 183 luxury apartments. Because it is located close to Vincom Ba Trieu Shopping Mall, residents here only take a few minutes to reach the most shopping center in the capital. In addition, with the system of internal utilities such as gym, spa, swimming pool … residents can relieve the spirit after hours of stressful work.

Apartment building in Hoan Kiem district: Pacific Place
Pacific Place is a high-class apartment complex, Office. The project is located at 83 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. With the advantage of being located in the central area of ​​the capital, residents here can easily move to offices of ministries, branches, international organizations, as well as other office buildings.

Apartment building in Hoan Kiem district: C4A 11 Vong Duc
C4A – Vong Duc apartment project is located at 11 Vong Duc, Hang Bai. With a total construction area of ​​up to 54,830 m2, the project is built including 32 floors, including 3 basements for parking. The project is a complex of multi-function works: offices, commercial centers, luxury apartments.

Apartment in Hoan Kiem district: Hanoi Apartment Center
Hanoi Apartment Rental Center project is located at 84 Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem. This is a complex of high-class apartments, commercial and office buildings with the scale of 8 floors and 4 basements, with all surrounding infrastructure facilities and internal facilities such as swimming pool, commercial center. , gym, restaurant, preschool … promises to bring residents here an ideal living and working space.